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सोमवार, जनवरी 03, 2011

ESPN Jeannine Edwards "Sweetcakes" Remark By Ron Franklin

ESPN announcer Ron Franklin was pulled from Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl radio broadcast after making crude comments to sideline reporter Jeanine Edwards during a production meeting.

According to Sports by Brooks, Franklin called ESPN-TV reporter Jeannine Edwards "sweetcakes" when she attempted to join a conversation with ESPN announcers Ed Cunningham and Rod Gilmore during a production meeting before Friday's broadcast of the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Edwards reported Franklin to ESPN management and they attempted to pull him from that day’s Chick-Fil-A-Bowl. But when they couldn’t find a replacement on such short notice, they had to stick with Franklin.

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  1. The hypocrisy. Women are happy to get involved publicly with sports in which not one is involved in any active capacity (going so far as invading the locker rooms), and yet cry foul when they're treated no differently than how they would be in that world. Jeannine Edwards. Who? What experience or background does she have that supports any public involvement with male sports? Is the only reason she is even commenting on TV about this sport not due solely because of her gender?

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