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सोमवार, दिसंबर 13, 2010

Reliance Mobile Launched 3G Network in India, Data Plan, Tariff Details

Reliance Communications, India's No 2 mobile phone operator has launched 3G services in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta and Chandigarh. The company said it would cover all its 13 zones by the end of March next year.

said that it was targeting a national footprint of 3G services through associations with other "like minded, quality 3G licensees" in the remaining nine telecoms zones during the course of next year. 

The pricing of 3G mobile broadband data

1. It will start from Rs 100 for 100 MB to up to Rs 2,100 for 21 GB per month, the company said.

2. The small validity data packs for prepaid will cost Rs 20 for 25 MB 1-day pack and Rs 98 for 125 MB 1-week pack.

3. The 3G mobile TV pricing will be 15 news channels viewing for Rs 150, 15 kids channels for Rs 150, five devotional channels for Rs 100 and mega pack of 75 channels for Rs 250 per month.

4. It also offers post-paid bundles starting from 50 MB data for 199 to 5 GB data for Rs 2,499 per month, which includes 6,000 voice minutes and 6,000 SMS's.

5. The prepaid bundles include 200 MB data for Rs 299 and 500 MB data for Rs 699 for 30 day validity, the company said.

Reliance Comm has won rights in an auction in 2010 to provide the premium services in 13 of the country's 22 telecom zones.

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