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शनिवार, दिसंबर 25, 2010

Dai Google, Movie Star Rajnikant Sensational Launch on Internet

The latest in line is a customised Google homepage, irreverently titled, ‘Dai Google.' On a site where Rajni nonchalantly levitates the ‘Google' logo, you do not ‘search.' Hit Sollu da (Tell Me), and the search engine obeys your every command. The ‘I'm feeling lucky' button has been booted out, and in its place is its colloquial Tamil version Semma lucky.

Launched a fortnight ago, the site has become a runaway hit, with more than 10,000 netizens ‘liking' it on Facebook. While one fan put up the message “When Google becomes the googled!” along with the link that he shared on the social networking site, another screamed “Thalaiva! Mindd Itt!” The site can be set as your homepage.

* Rajnikant has morphed into an Internet sensation

* More than 10,000 netizens ‘like' it on Facebook

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