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सोमवार, नवंबर 22, 2010

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Free To Oprah Viewers

Volkswagen unveiled the design silhouette of its 2012 Beetle model on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, and seconds later, the talk show host said that she would give each of her audience members a new model when it comes out.

The intro is part of the car maker’s plan to raise the profile of the Beetle and the rest of its models, which it has gone to great lengths to make more attractive to U.S. consumers. The new Beetle is also meant to strengthen the company’s image as a maker of sporty cars with enough performance to attract enthusiasts, not just shoppers looking for something “cute.”

Volkswagen says Winfrey has mentioned the Beetle among her favorite things. “And if you follow Oprah, you know she likes to share her favorite things,” says Jonathan Browning, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.

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