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शनिवार, अक्तूबर 23, 2010

Wisconsin Badgers Football Schedule 2010

 Live streaming of Wisconsin VS Iowa Football 2010 college football game is available on ABC channel, ESPN channel and ESPN3.com online channel.

The no.13 Wisconsin Badgers will face the no.15 Iowa Hawkeyes this October 23, 2010 during the 8th week of the NCAA Football season. The game is going to be held at the Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa and this will start at 3:30 PM ET. 

Key Players to watch:

Iowa Hawkeyes : Passing are Ricky Stanzi,James Vandenberg.Rushing are Adam Robinson,Jewel Hampton,Brad Rogers.Receiving are Derrell Johnson-Koulianos,Marvin McNutt,Allen Reisner.

Wisconsin Badgers : Quarterback Scott Tolzien, Running Back John Clay, Wide Receiver Nick Toon, Wide Receiver Isaac Anderson, Tight End Lance Kendricks, Strong Safety Jay Valai and Cornerback Devin Smith are must be watched Wisconsin Badgers.

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