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शनिवार, सितंबर 04, 2010

North Carolina Football Investigation , NCAA Rules

 North Carolina declared 13 of its players ineligible on Friday for the opening contest on Saturday against LSU for violating school and/or NCAA rules.

June 21: NCAA investigator Chance Miller sends North Carolina an interview notice form explaining to athletes that they will be asked if they have knowledge of rules violations.

July 12-13: Miller and Rachel Newman Baker interviewed an unspecified number of athletes, including defensive solutions Marvin Austin and wide receiver Greg Little, in the UNC in connection with the probe of whether players received improper benefits from sports agents.

August 4: UNC athletic director Dick Baddour confirmed that investigators NCAA ago on campus.

August 10: Former player UNC Cam Thomas said a former teammate, Kentwan BalmerKentwan Balmer, Thomas Austin and paid training in California – a possible violation of NCAA rules – in the summer of 2009.

Aug. 26: UNC announces investigation of possible academic misconduct involving football players and former students of the teacher.

September 1: Austin suspended indefinitely for violating team rules and neglecting his duties in the team.

Sept 3 : UNC says six players, including Little and Austin, to be the season opener today against Louisiana State in violation of the school and / or NCAA rules. Seven other players retained from the game during the investigation continues.

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