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बुधवार, सितंबर 01, 2010

Hayes hurt in collision with Nyjer Morgan

Hayes completed an inning-ending double play in the 10th, but in the process, the Marlins rookie catcher injured his left shoulder. 

Inspired after the aggressive play at the plate, the Marlins pulled out a 1-0 victory over the Nationals on Chad Tracy's walk-off single in the 10th inning. 

An X-ray on Hayes' left shoulder came back negative. An MRI will be taken on Wednesday to see if there is any separation of structural damage. 

Morgan, who recently suspended and criticized by his own manager for questionable actions in the field to the left of Florida show Brett Hayes with a separated shoulder Tuesday night after a collision at home plate tenth place.

Chris Volstad (9-9) struck Morgan with a step in the fourth inning this time. Morgan then stole two bases of its own citizens back 14-3.

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