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रविवार, अगस्त 15, 2010

Shoe thrown at Omar Abdullah Watch Video

A shoe was hurled at him from the third row of the VIP enclosure, not by an angry youth, but a policeman.

Chief Minister tried to take it in his stride, "I have no regrets that today as soon as I came a person shouted slogans. But if it's a shoe today, and not a stone in our hands, it couldn't be better."

Security for the function was so high that no civilians - not even schoolchildren - were allowed at the venue, forget the VIP enclosure. Police say it was a suspended head constable, who is mentally unsound with a case of extortion against him......[Watch Video Here]

But who is the man who threw shoe at Omar Abdullah? He is a suspended Head Constable named Abdulla Ahad Jaan and a criminal case was registered against him in May.

The police claim that he was approached by a politician and that he used the entry pass of a leader to gain entry into the venue.

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