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मंगलवार, अगस्त 24, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Phone Launched, Specification Videos

Samsung has launched it's first Android tablet with Brand Name Samsung Galaxy Pad.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will sport a seven-inch touch screen and will run Android 2.2. Based on the video, it appears that Swype software is on board for faster text input. In the few images that are displayed in the video, we see it being held in someone's hand. It looks far larger than even the Dell Streak Android phone, which has a five-inch display.

Features of Samsung Tab

1. Samsung Tab will have two cameras on board and can make video calls. 

2. Samsung included: HD movie playback, e-reading, Flash support, augmented reality, navigation, and PC-like Web browsing. 

3. The design of the Tab appears to be somewhat similar to the iPad, though the display doesn't look to have the same 4:3 aspect ratio that the iPad does.

4. Seven-inch screen, better portable than the iPad, it's too big for phone. 

Read for All Specifications , Features and Videos

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