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शनिवार, अगस्त 14, 2010

Infosys Employee Satish Gupta Suspect in Wife Priyanka Case

An Infosys employee, Satish Gupta, has been caught in case of his wifes murder, Priyanka Gupta,30.

Satish Gupta is being questioned by the police along with his other family members, in a conspiracy of planned murder.
Story of the Case is Something Like 
At the time when she was murdered, some Rs. 2 Lakhs were missing from her house and it clearly pointed out that there has been an attempt of robbery. But even though after noticing all this, the police officials state, that there is some from the family itself who has done this. The police officials have stated that the motive behind the case now looks very unclear, but by the time the investigation is in process, it will be known very soon.

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