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सोमवार, अगस्त 16, 2010

Indian Government Asked BlackBerry Mobile Services Monitoring, Next Google ?

The Indian government has now asked telecom operators to make arrange for interception and monitoring of BlackBerry's messenger and enterprise services in readable format by August 31, or block these services.

BlackBerry's voice, SMS and regular email and messaging services involving Yahoo, Google, MSN and other providers will not be impacted. 

However, PIN to PIN Messenger Service and Enterprise Service, which travel in encrypted format, will have to be shut down.

The directive came even as BlackBerry agreed to provide security agencies 'partial access' to its messenger services by September 1 and 'complete access' by December. However, it has still not offered any solution relating to its enterprise service. 
As far as BES -- which provides corporate emails -- is concerned, sources said RIM was likely to discuss the issue concerning access to its enterprise service in a meeting with DoT and security agencies on Tuesday.
An official said, "The home ministry will not budge from its position unless RIM comes out with solutions for both messenger and enterprise services."

Similar handling of Skype and Google is up next. Google mail finds mention in every government security-related document, though Google's India team claims it knows absolutely nothing about these security concerns. 

Security experts point out that no company is in a position to deny lawful access to encrypted data, anywhere in the world, so the disdain and disregard of these firms to India's security concerns is surprising....Reported By TOI

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