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शुक्रवार, अगस्त 06, 2010

HP CEO Mark Hurd Resign, Read Sepapration Agreement, Video

One of the best paid CEOs of Business World resigned after amidst scandal.Mark Hurd of HP  resign from his job after it was revealed he had a relationship with a woman who worked with the company on marketing issues. Hurd, who cut pay for employees last year, earned a staggering $30.3 million dollars in 2009.

Hurd, who is married and has two daughters, may have seemed the least likely valley CEO to be brought down by a scandal, particularly one with tawdry overtones. 

According to a proxy filing for 2009, had Hurd been fired for cause he would've been entitled to $27.2 million, if let go without cause the number goes up to $52.9 million. CNBC sources say his payday for leaving the company voluntarily will be between $40 and $50 million. 

CNBC has sources claiming the total value of Hurd's severance including stocks is closer to $40-50 million, give or take.

Read the Full Text of Marke Hurd separation agreement : here
Watch Video : Here

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