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बुधवार, जुलाई 07, 2010

Paul the Octopus Prediction: Germany vs. Spain 0-2, Germany Lost To Spain in FIFA WorldCup 2010

 Paul the octopus of the Sea Life Aquarium in Germany has correctly predicted the German's loss to Spain in the 2010 World Cup Semifinals.

The water-dwelling Paul is 6-0 in picking the games in which the German team has played.

A headed goal by defender Carles Puyol carried Spain to their first World Cup final on Wednesday when they beat Germany 1-0 in the semifinals. 

Spain will face Netherlands at Soccer City in Johannesburg on Sunday. The Dutch have been in the final twice before but have never won it so a new world champion is guaranteed.

The Spaniards dominated the match but struggled to finish off a German side lacking their usual pace until Puyol struck with a powerful header from a Xavi corner in the 73rd minute. 

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