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शुक्रवार, जुलाई 23, 2010

Amit Shah: Minister of State of Gujarat Accused of Murder

Amit Shah, Gujarat minister of state has been accused of murder of a Rajasthan resident, Sohrabbudin. The CBI took charge of the murder case on plea on the brother of the deceased.

CBI found evidences of Home Minister Amit Shah’s involvement in the plan, proceedings and killing of both. The CBI has told that Shah also tried to destroy all evidences and tried to escape his crime by bribing police officials and witnesses.

Senior Gujarat Police officer Abhay Chudasama was arrested for helping Shah and murdering Prajapati. Shah surpassed his due date to appear before the CBI.

Sohrabuddin along with his wife Kausar Bi and another person Prajapati Tulsi were abducted in 2005. Sohrabuddin was killed in a fake encounter by the Gujarat police on Shah’s probing. His wife was also murdered later.

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