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रविवार, जुलाई 11, 2010

Actor Robert Spillane Son of NYC Mobster Mickey Spillane Falls to Death

Mobster Mickey Spillane's actor son Robert Spillane died yesterday after falling from the sixth floor of his apartment in New York. Police sources and witnesses told the New York Post that the 45-year-old actor was discovered by his brother, Michael in the morning on the sidewalk outside the apartment.

Spillane also acted in award-winning TV series “NYPD Blue,” “Law and Order” and “Rescue Me.” He had also played a minor role in 1999’s “Thomas Crown Affair” movie remake. He was the youngest son of Mickey Spillane, an Irish-American mobster. Mickey was shot dead in 1977 when Spillane was just 12 years old.

“I was a kid. We were living in Woodside (Queens). Someone buzzed on the door. It was Friday the 13th, 1977,” Spillance had once said in an interview with the Post........read out for more

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