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मंगलवार, जुलाई 27, 2010

Ace Wrestler Maruti Mane Dead

Full name: Maruti Mane
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 214 lbs (97 kg)
Born: August 10, 1938
Country: IND India
Sport: Wrestling

Ace wrestler, Asian Games gold medallist and former Rajya Sabha member Maruti Mane died Tuesday in a hospital in Sangli district following prolonged illness, hospital officials said. 

Olympian wrestler Maruti Mane, a double medalist in the 1962 Asian Games at Jakarta.

The 73-year-old wrestler had won the Hind Kesari title in 1964. 

Mane had won a gold medal in the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta. He was also awarded the Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar and the Dhyanchand Award by the Maharashtra government and the Delhi government, respectively, in 2005.  


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