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शनिवार, जून 12, 2010

Uruguay Vs France FIFA 2010 World Cup Highlights Video

Cape Town: A match between former World Cup champions produced an opening day dud, with France and Uruguay playing out a 0-0 draw on Friday.

France winger Franck Ribery and Uruguay striker Diego Forlan showed flashes of their potential, but the fear of losing the opening game stifled offensive tactics for much of the match.

The match at the sellout 64,100-seat Green Point Stadium had little of the thrills and drama of the 1-1 opener between South Africa and Mexico at Soccer City, but the result left all four teams tied with one point.
South Africa plays Uruguay next on Wednesday, one day before France meets Mexico.

Down to 10 men for the last nine minutes of regulation and three minutes of injury time, Uruguay concentrating on kicking the ball out of defense. But even with a man advantage, France failed to make the difference.

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