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शनिवार, जून 12, 2010

UFC 115 Results and UFC 115 Liddell vs Franklin

UFC 115 Results: UFC 115 Liddell vs Franklin Play by Play Results Update

The Main event of the UFC 115 is featuring Ultimate Fighter coaches and former UFC Light Heayvweight Champions Chuck Liddell supposed to be a match up against Ortiz, but due to neck surgery, Ortiz has to withdraw and Liddell will have to face Franklin, who is also a former champion in the Middeweight division.

Two former UFC champions met in the headliner of UFC 115. Former 185lb champ Rich Franklin faced former light heavyweight champ and Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell. Both men came out kicking, with Liddell getting the advantage. Franklin shot in and got stuffed. Liddell went to the head with a kick and another to the body. Franklin went to the inside of Chuck's thigh.

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