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रविवार, जून 27, 2010

Ramnika Gupta: CPI (M) Politician Ramnika Gupta

Indian politician Ramnika Gupta who is a CPI (M) member, who recently explosion to prominence with her tell-all story in a magazine is all too familiar with, “There was a time when women took their bodies along with the bio-data”.

We will never know what about worldwide well-known persons David Davidar, KPS Gill, Phaneesh Murthy, Golf champion Tiger Woods, former United States of America Mr. Bill Clinton, Anand Jon were thinking when these people was made those controversial sexual advances consequently risking the fall down of their careers.

According to Indian politician Ramnika Gupta who is a CPI (M) member “Men gave muscle power and women gave their bodies”

Politician Ramnika Gupta who is a CPI (M) member said that the “One time that time of a chief minister of Bihar, asked me to meet him at 4 am”

“he then kissed and embraced me” also said politician Ramnika Gupta who is a CPI (M) member.
CPI (M) member Ramnika Gupta also said that the “Sexual trade-offers were and was also in the world in any type of business or deal are ordinary” 

“But if you slept with someone, didn’t mean that you wanted to sleep with everyone” also said politician Ramnika Gupta. 

In a big blast CPI (M) member politician Ramnika Gupta also added that the “When a former president of India called me to his suite, he turned up stark naked”

“That time’s former president of India also forced himself on me. I tried to complain, but I was told not to make a fuss” added CPI (M) member politician Ramnika Gupta.

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