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बुधवार, जून 30, 2010

Jwala Gutta Profile – Indian Badminton Player

Jwala Gutta is an Indian Badminton Player, and is considered to be one of the best Women’s Doubles Badminton Players India has ever seen. Partnering along with Shruti Kurien, she makes one of the most deadly Doubles pair on the Indian Badminton court.

International Badminton

She made her foray at the International Badminton scenario in the year 2002 when she played at the Uber Cup tournament. She entered the Pre-Quarter Final round of the India Asia Satellite tournament 2002, and couldn’t fare better in Singles event of any other tournament for some time. In the year 2004, Jwala entered the Semi Final round of the Indian Asian Satellite tournament. In both the Sri Lanka International tournament 2006 and India Satellite tournament 2006 she reached the Quarter Final round where she lost to other opponents. 

Personal Life

During her Badminton career, Jwala Gutta fell in love with fellow Badminton Player Chetan Anand, who has been the Junior National Badminton Champion in the year 1999, and Senior National Badminton Champion in the year 2003 and 2007, and has been honored with an Arjuna Award. The couple got married on the 17th of July 2005.

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