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सोमवार, मई 17, 2010

Why We Call It India CHALTA HAIN ?

  This is India,Watch out for few moment why we call it " INDIA HAI CHALTA HAIN"


We live in a nation,

            where Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance/police,

            Where you get car loan @ 5% and education loan @ 12%,

            Where rice is Rs 40/- per kg but sim card is free,

            Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating
            the money to any charity,

            Where the footwear, we wear ,are sold in AC showrooms, but
            vegetables, that we eat, are sold on the footpath,

            Where everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to follow
            the path to be famous,

            Where we make lemon juices with artificial flavours and dish
            wash liquids with real lemon.

            Where people are standing at tea stalls reading an article
            about child labour from a newspaper and say,"yaar bachho se
            kaam karvane wale ko to phansi par chadha dena chahiye"

            and then they shout "Oye chhotu 2 chaii laao....."


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