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रविवार, अप्रैल 11, 2010

Nokia Nuron 5230 Mobile Review, Technical Specification, Price

Nokia Corp, the world's largest cell phone maker, has expanded its smartphone lineup with the launch of Nuron 5230. Claimed to be one of the company's cheapest 3G smartphone, Nuron 5230 is price at approximately Rs 3,150.

Here’s looking into what all does Nokia’s budget 3G smartphone offers in terms of features.

Resembling Nokia 5800 Express Music phone in looks, Nuron has a white-and-silver chassis. The phone measures 4.37 inches tall by 2.03 inches wide by 0.61 inch thick. The touchscreen phone weighs 3.98 ounces.
Nuron sports a 3.2 inch touch screen. The resistive touch screen supports resolution of 640360 pixels. The screen displays 16 million colors.

There is an integrated accelerometer and also a proximity sensor.

More Technical Specification @ RajTalk

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