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शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 02, 2010

Dolph Ziggler def The Great Khali, Smackdown Recap 04.02.10

Dolph Ziggler def The Great Khali: Dolph starts things off by sliding out of the ring for a break. Once back in the ring he gets hit with a “flurry” of offense including a couple of chops and eventually a big boot that sends him out of the ring. 

As Khali tries to lift him back into the ring, Dolph sort of hits a hot shot like maneuver to momentarily stun the giant. Ziggler jumps on his back and locks in a sleeper hold but Khali is able to force him off his back. But TGK cannot fully recover and Ziggler jumps right back on top of him with another sleeper attempt. Dolph gets Khali down on the mat and keeps the hold locked on and eventually Khali passes out. Ranjin Singh complained during and after the match to the ref that Khali’s legs reached the ropes and probably had a case.

Quick results: 

Jack Swagger defeated Chris Jericho by pinfall to win the WHC.

R-Truth and John Morrison defeated Cryme Tyme by pinfall when Morrison pinned Gaspard.

Matt Hardy and Drew MIcyntyre was a no contest due to Drew attacking Matt before the bell.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Great Khali with a sleeper hold.

Beth Phoeniex and Tiffany defeated Layla and Michelle McCool by pinfall when Beth pinned Layla.

Kane defeated the entire roster of NXT rookies in a handicap match by DQ when they all ganged up on him at once.

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