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शुक्रवार, मार्च 12, 2010

912 Project The912Project.com, Birthday for Glenn Beck's Movement

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Happy Birthday to The 912 Project:

The 912 Project 1st Anniversary:– Glenn Beck announced on his live Fox News TV broadcast , March 13, 2009, the next step of the “We Surround Them” grass roots effort, to wake up our Nation’s leaders to some of what “We The People” of the U.S. are feeling and expect from our elected representatives in government.

It was 52 weeks ago that Glenn stood in front of the Fox News cameras to announce the 9/12 Project.  This site launched and was immediately crushed by an avalanche of interest from you.  Over 50,000 hits per second fried a bank of servers for most of the weekend. Each time we managed to migrate the data and relaunch, you did it again. 


We understood what this outpouring of interest meant – There was a glaring need for America to return to basic Principles and Values.  And we did not require you to agree with everything on the list.  Glenn stated that if you only supported 7 of the 9 Principles (and you get to pick which 7), then you stood with us.  No matter what your party affiliation – if you are a proud 9/12er,  you are one of us.

We offered reading lists – you made those books best-sellers.  We suggested news stories to help keep you abreast of the vital issues – you made those issues bigger and your voices have created a dialogue with Washington DC that has not been this active since the 1960s.  Well Done!

For more information visit: www.the-912-project.com

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