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बुधवार, जनवरी 13, 2010

Top Five Handy Camera With Price and Features

Price: Rs 63,990
This handycam comes with automatic and manual types of focus and motorised zoom adjustment facility.

It has an image stabiliser, digital sound and wide screen video along with several shooting programmes such as sports, portrait, low light, spot light, surf and snow. I

t’s got an optical zoom of 25X and digital zoom of 700X.

It comes with a warranty of three ye


Price: Rs 57,000
This LCD handy cam has a sensor resolution of 2.2 mega pixel filter size of 37mm.
Apart from image stabiliser and digital sound, it also carries normal movie and digital photo mode and different shooting programs.
It has an in-built microphone and can be operated in both mono and stereo mode. It also comes out with a remote control.

Price: Rs 99,995

It comes with a sensor resolution of 2.96 mega pixel and digital video format. It carries an optical zoom of 10X and digital zoom of 200X and the focal length is from 6.1mm to 61mm.There are several presets such as shade, cloudy, daylight, tungsten light and fluorescent light.
It is lightweight - just 440 gm. It has a warranty of two years.

Price: Rs 54,990
It has unique features like high definition, face detection, inbuilt flash, touch screen LCD and active interface shoe. The digital and optical zoom is 20X and 10X, respectively. It has a motorised zoom adjustment facility.

It also has a remote control, image stabiliser and stereo mode facility. It has a warranty of three years.

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