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गुरुवार, जनवरी 07, 2010

Renault Displays Twizy ZE Concept in Auto Expo 2010

The zero-emission electric car - Twizy ZE concept from French auto maker Renault has been unveiled at the Auto Expo 2010. This car was unveiled by Shiela Dikshit- the Chief Minister of Delhi at the inauguration ceremony of the Delhi Auto Expo 2010. Renault has plans to produce up to 500,000 units of its electric vehicles (EV) globally by 2014. Twizy, a two seater has a single charge mileage of 100 kilometers. Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit said: "I do hope when it (Twizy) will go into production India will become customer of this." Twizy ZE is on display at the Auto Expo 2010.

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