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शुक्रवार, जनवरी 01, 2010

Reena Kaushal, First Indian woman to ski to South Pole

Reena Kaushal on Thursday, Dec 31, became the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole.

38-year-old Kaushal, made the historic ski-run as part of an eight-woman Commonwealth team that crossed a 900 km Antarctic ice trek to reach the South Pole.

Skiing eight to 10 hours a day, Kaushal and her teammates from seven other countries covered the frozen continent to the pole in about 40 days.

Each skier towed a sledge with food and gear weighing some 80 kg.

Kaushal said in a statement online, "The skiers braved blinding blizzards, jet speed winds blowing in excess of 130 km an hour and temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius."

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