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बुधवार, जनवरी 13, 2010

Google Tallk Shortcut and Hack for Easy chat

Google Talk is an instant messaging software program for Windows that can be used to chat with friends and colleagues, initiate file transfers, do voice over IP and to send and receive voicemails. It’s basically an instant messaging client for the desktop that automatically includes Google Mail contacts.
Here are few tips and tricks that every Google Talk user should know if they want quick messaging.Learn it here easily the quickest tips , After all GOOGLE TALK.

1. Multiple Instances At a Time

Google talk doesn’t provide multiple login at a time, but you can do it. Follow Few Steps :
a. Right clicking on the desktop icon,
b. Go to properties and add the parameter /nomutex to the target,
c. Go to C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle Talk.exe /nomutex.
You can use this shortcut to launch multiple instances of Google Talk, thereby allowing you to login to multiple Google Talk accounts simultaneously. 
2. Formatting Text in the Chat Window

Can you format the text in google talk, visibly no, but after following this tricks you can make it easy ? You can do basic formatting in Google Talk like making the text bold, italic and underline?
1. . To make the text bold, just enclose it within *asterisks* and to make it italic, just enclose it within _underscores_

3. Add Google Talk Contacts as Shortcuts on Windows Desktop

1. Right-click the computer desktop and select New > Shortcut.
2. Enter the following string as the location of the item: gtalk:chat?jid=@gmail.com.
3. Change username@gmail.com to the email address of the contact in Google Talk. Click on the Next button and add a descriptive name for the shortcut.

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