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शनिवार, जनवरी 09, 2010

African Football Cup, Attack on Togo Players

The attack by separatists on a bus ferrying the Togo football team for the African Cup of Nations has raised concerns about the possibility of violence hitting the World Cup in South Africa in June.

Friday’s attack, which killed the assistant coach, squad spokesman and bus driver, and injured nine — including two players — was said to be the work of separatists.

Cabinda, the target of attacks by separatists even after Angola’s 27-year civil war ended in 2002, is responsible for half of the daily oil production in the country.

The team decided to withdraw from the continent-wide tournament yesterday, said Manchester City, the team of top player Emmanuel Adebayor, who is also captain of the Togo team.

The Togo team bus, traveling from its training ground in the Republic of Congo, had just entered the enclave when it came under heavy gunfire.

Former Togo coach Otto Pfister said the assault would cast a shadow over the World Cup in South Africa.


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