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शनिवार, दिसंबर 19, 2009

What Channel is the Cowboys Game on Tonight , NFL Chanel Schedule

What Channel is the Saints Game on Tonight | What Time is the Saints Game Tonight | What Channel is the Cowboys Game on | NFL Channel Schedule | What Channel is the NFL network 

What channel is the Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints Game 2009 on tonight? The channel for the Cowboys vs. Saints game Saturday night is not being aired on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, or ESPN. It’s not only a surprise that there is an NFL game on Saturday night, but that it features the 13-0 Saints and it’s not in primetime.

Tonight's game is reserved for the NFL Network, which, unfortunately, is not a station my cable provider is kind enough to include my package.  Actually, the NFL Network (NFLN) only broadcasts eight live games per year, and never on Sundays - only Thursdays and Saturdays.

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