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शुक्रवार, दिसंबर 18, 2009

Twitter Hacked, 'Iranian Cyber Army' hacks Twitter

A group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army claims to have hacked the site.Users on the micro-blogging service were presented with a new home page, apparently protesting the United States. It appears to be a DNS attack, redirecting users to the new page.

Hackers purporting to be from a pro-Iranian group brought Twitter to a halt for at least an hour and defaced its home page.

The new home page emerged at 6 a.m. GMT today.

In the poorly translated English (full text noted here), there is an odd reference to an embargo list, and that the hackers were against the Iranian people being stimulated. The hackers gave the address of iranian.cyber.army@gmail.com.
This Was the Hacked Homepage of Twitter

The microblogging site became a popular means of communication for opponents of the Iranian regime following disputed Iranian elections.

 Updates : Twitter Updated its Homepage within an Hour.

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