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सोमवार, दिसंबर 28, 2009

Top Best Gadgets Of The Decade, Part - I

It was the time when technology truly came out of geekdom and straight into our living rooms.  Here's a look at the good, the bad and the ugly that the last 10 years offered.

Sources : ET 

Using a touchscreen on a phone? Without a stylus, too? Apple's iconic iPhone lets you do just that, and when it threw in an App Store for downloading applications to the phone in 2008, it had firmly established itself as the phone to beat. It did not have the greatest specs, but its innovative interface and ease of use more than compensated. Nokia and BlackBerry were sweating!

July 2000 saw the arrival of an office suite that was almost as powerful as the all-dominating MS Office, and is free to boot. Why it has not displaced MS Office as the most popular office suite is one of the mysteries of the decade.

The greatest Windows of them all, Windows XP's success has been a bit of an albatross for Microsoft. While its success was widespread, it also resulted in people being less than willing to move to new versions of Windows. It continues to go strong to this day!

Carrying gigabytes of music in your pocket in a classy looking device with cool headphones? It sounded ridiculous when Steve Jobs fished out the small music box, which he called the iPod, in October 2001. Today, 'iPod' is virtually synonymous with the portable media player.

Want to play tennis on your console? Just swing your hands as if you are holding a racquet! Well, that was what the Nintendo Wii brought to gaming in 2006 — simplicity, greater involvement and an absence of conventional gamepads. Gamers loved it, helping it outsell more powerful consoles like the PS3 and the Xbox 360 .

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