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सोमवार, दिसंबर 14, 2009

Tata Motors Launch Grande MK II,Sales Target 4,000 Units

Tata Motors today launched Grande MK II, an upgraded version of its premium Sumo offering in the domestic market and expects to sell around 4,000 vehicles per month.

Priced in the range of Rs 6.43-lakh to Rs 7.50-lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), Grande MK II is cheaper by Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 than the available version-Grande MK I, which was launched in the beginning of the last year.

"We are selling around 2,500-3,000 vehicles per month in this (Utility Vehicle) segment. The equity the Grande has acquired in the last one year and on the basis of this launch, we should be able to have a growth of 800-1,000 vehicles per month," Tata Motors Head (Passenger Car Division) Rajiv Dube, told reporters here.

The company is going to replace the Grande MK I model with the new Grande MK II, he said.

The Grande MK II would be manufactured at the company's Pimpri plant near Pune, he said, adding that the vehicle would have three variants--top of the line GX, EX and LX.

The company plans to increase its market share in the UV to 20-21 per cent. "Presently, our share in the UV segment is 18 per cent and we are eyeing a market share of 20-21 per cent with this launch," Dube said.

The company would showcase a few new vehicles in the upcoming Auto Expo to be held early next year in New Delhi, Dube said.

When asked about the increase in the prices of vehicles due to rise in input costs, Dube said the company has not decided anything as of now.

He also said that the company is feeling the heat in exports due to a slump in demand.

"Exports have been down for us as there is contraction in demand. We hope to offset the losses by launching new vehicles," Dube said.

On the Nano car, Dube said that the company so far had delivered around 15,000 cars to the customers and is aiming 1.5-lakh deliveries (all booked) by the end of next calender year.

"Around 15,000 Nano have been delivered. We have set a target to deliver all 1.5-lakh booked Nano cars by December 2010," Dube said.

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