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शनिवार, दिसंबर 05, 2009

Melodee Hanes Photo, Melodee Hanes Picture,Max Baucus Mistress

The picture of Melodee Hanes was taken just as she was leaving the Deputy County Attorney job to join the re-election campaign of Senator Max Baucus.

Melodee Hanes, a longtime staffer for Democratic Senator Max Baucus, who, it has been revealed, was also his mistress.

Baucus -- architect of an alternative healthcare plan that wouldn't involve a public option -- idiotically thought he could get away with nominating her to a US Attorney position.

Melodee Hanes removed her name from the list of nominees for the US Attorney, her relation with the Senator has remained unchanged. Records state that they knew each other for a considerable period of time as they have started to work together from 2003. However, they realized their affection for each other when Melodee Hanes decided to leave the office of Max Baucus. They got intimate after this and Melodee Hanes, who has also divorced from her husband, is happily living with Senator Max Baucus in Washington.

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