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सोमवार, नवंबर 23, 2009

ibibo.com Video To Choose Finalist of MICA Annual Day

Video on ibibo.com. will select final play for MICA. Sankalp, the theatre group of the Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA), will celebrate its 10th anniversary by holding the finals of Nautanki Night, a one-act play competition. The competition, which is open to colleges, corporate firms and theatre groups from across India, will feature finalists shortlisted on the basis of videos uploaded on ibibo.com.

Karthik and Sunil of noted Chennai-based theatre group EVAM will judge the finals, which will feature the Budhan Theatre group, a team from the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Spandan and Group (a corporate team), Siddharth Mishra and Group (corporate), and three teams from MICA.

Spandan Mishra, whose group has entered the finals, was the director of Sankalp in 2007 and has staged a number of plays like Jeeney Bhi Do Yaaron and Cut. For Nautanki Night, his group will stage a play called The Diary.

MICA will hold other theatre activities in November and December, culminating in the final production of Silence -- The Court Is In Session, an adaptation of a Vijay Tendulkar play at Natarani on December 4 to 6.


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