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मंगलवार, अक्तूबर 06, 2009

Pakistan Match with NewZealand Was Fixed in Champion Trophy 2009 ?

The Chairman of the National Assembly's standing committee on sports has accused the team of deliberately under-performing against Australia and New Zealand in the Champions Trophy.

Talking to PTI, a board spokesman said the team had in fact done well to reach the semifinals of the tournament for the first time.

"The team played well and tried hard it is unfortunate they couldn't qualify for the final which every player wanted to do but they had one bad day against New Zealand," PCB General Manager (Media) Nadeem Sarwar said.

Jamshed Khan Dasti, who heads the NA standing committee on sports, caused a stir in Pakistan cricket last night when he alleged that Pakistan deliberately lost to Australia and New Zealand and that the captain, coach and Chairman of the board would be summoned in next few days by the committee to explain the situation.

But Sarwar said so far the board had received no intimation from the government about the captain, coach and Chairman being required to appear before the committee.

"As far as we are concerned, the team did well in the Champions Trophy and their performance was satisfactory," he said.

Pakistan's former captain Rashid Latif also lashed out at Dasti for making serious allegations without proof.

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