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मंगलवार, सितंबर 22, 2009

Yugratna Srivastava Address UN Submit on Climate Change

A 13-year-old girl from Lucknow, speaking on behalf of the world's three billion children, will address over a 100 world leaders including US President Barack Obama during a summit on the climate change.

“World leaders must recognise the energy and potential which lies in children and youth. This age group is just like flowing rivers and they make their own way in the direction in which they march. For my generation in India, climate change means global warming, scarcity of food and drinking water and an outbreak of accentuated epidemics”, Yugratna Srivastava said.

Yugratna Srivastava’s increasing environmental activism has brought her to the attention of UNEP and now to the world leading to her addressing the UN Summit in New York.

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