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बुधवार, सितंबर 16, 2009

VOIP Services Blocked, Intelligence Bureau (IB) Asks Indian Government

The Intelligence Bureau of India (IB) has asked the communication ministry to block all internet telephony (VoIP) services to and from India until the Department of Telecom (DoT) puts in place a mechanism to track such calls.
The calls passing through the VoIP and IP route contains inadequate parameters which makes it impossible to trace the actual callers.The VoIP solutions also allow making domestic and overseas calls without getting monitored. The DoT has been asked to find a solution to this problem as it is a grave threat to national security, says the report.
"The government will have no choice, it will be forced block VoIP. Terrorists have been using this medium since they know that we do not have the technology to track calls. The government should not have waited so long.This is a good move and it will also make the ISPs compliant to law," Vijay Mukhi, cyber security expert, told rediff.com on Tuesday.
The Department of Telecom had issued orders in February this year to block Internet telephony services being offered by 39 foreign firms in India since Indian laws permit only licensed operators to offer Internet telephony services.
Currently, subscribers can make calls from one computer to another computer; from a computer and a mobile phone or a fixed line phone, and from a mobile phone or a fixed line phone to any part of the world at cheaper rates.
Source : rediff

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