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बुधवार, सितंबर 23, 2009

Qaddafi UN Speech, Gaddafi Muammar Kadafi Libiyan Leader UN Speech

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Moammar Kadafi Libiyan leader addressed the UN just after the US president Obama Speech. Khadafy said that Taliban Like Peaceful Vatican Rule.

Lt. Col. 1969: Lt. Col. Moammar Kadafi comes to power at age 27, when he leads a coup against Libya’s pro-Western monarchy. The Carter administration places Libya on a list of state sponsors of terrorism, where it remains.

The U.S. closes down the Libyan Embassy in Washington and expels its diplomats. American F-14s shoot down Libyan fighters over the Gulf of Sidra. The Reagan administration accuses Libyan agents of placing a bomb in a Berlin disco that kills three people, including two American soldiers. In response, American planes bomb targets in Libya, killing dozens of civilians, including Kadafi’s infant adopted daughter.

Libya comes under suspicion in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, which kills 270 people.The United Nations imposes sanctions after Libya refuses to hand over two suspects in the Lockerbie bombing.

Libyan leader praises Obama, saying the U.S. should make him president for life. In a rambling speech, he also criticizes the Security Council and says the U.N. should move outside the U.S.

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