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मंगलवार, सितंबर 29, 2009

Income Tax eFilling India, iTax, How To Submit Income Tax Online, Service Tax eFilling

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What is the simplest way to submit Tax ? Calcuating and submitting Income Tax or Service Tax is very painful. Learn in few steps how to fill Returns in easy way.

Govenment of India has made filing IT returns very simple via  eFiling.

Steps For eFilling 

1. Go to the website http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/

2. Click the link eFile Income Tax Return at the top left corner of the home page

3. Register yourself once using thre Register link - all you need to register is you PAN number.

4. From tab of e-Filing A.Y.2009-10, select Individual - It will get you the ITR-1 utility Excel Sheet.

5. Fill the Excel Sheet with all the details from you From-16 and other sources.

6. Once sheet has been filled Click the button Generate XML present on the sheet, it will generate XML and save it on your machine (do remember the location where you save this file).

7. Now go back to the site again and logon, with the password that you had from registration.

8. Under Submit Return select assessment year as A.Y.2009-10

9. It will ask you the location of the XML (this the file you have generated in step-6 above).

10.Once you have uploaded successfully, go to My Accounts  My Returns. Here you will get digitally signed acknowledgement of ITR.

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