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सोमवार, दिसंबर 01, 2008

Nokia 6260 Slide Mobile Review, Full Phone Features and Technical Specifications Online

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Nokia 6260 Slide has many new features including quick access to search engines with improve home screen and the new 360° navi-key. Uploading images and videos to websites, blogs and social networks is quicker than ever with Nokia’s newest arrival, which features lightning-fast speeds over both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

6260 Nokia model sports WiFi and a much larger screen not only that it comes with a 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss equipped Camera with built in flash, HSUPA/HSDPA, MP3 player, and is a all round more reliable and solid smartphone.The phone also introduces Nokia Maps ridin AGPS which is a first for a Series 40 device.

Easy traveling and navigation with the Nokia 6260 using the integrated Nokia Maps as well as Assisted GPS. Plus the 6260 offers fast internet speed allowing you to upload photo quickly using OVI or Nokia’s Share.

Price , Availability & full Reviews : [Nokia 6260 Slide Mobile Reviews]

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