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शनिवार, दिसंबर 27, 2008

How Better Steering of Car Leads To Safe Driving ?

Smooth functioning of automotive steering system is the reason for a pleasant and safe drive. Suspension and Steering, the two essentials automotive parts are interconnected with each other. Hence it is crucial for your safety that both these auto parts function flawlessly. Checking the steering for any kind of defect ensures your safety at the vehicle. Another important advantage of steering repair is – Comfort in driving.steering-repair.jpg

In order to repair any auto part or rectify any problem, it is important to know that how it functions and about its system. A steering can be either standard mechanical steering and rack & pinion steering. A standard mechanical steering is assisted through power or non power, whereas the rack & pinion steering is always assisted by power.

Now since you have identified the kind of steering in your vehicle, you can repair the steering yourself. The following tips will make your drive smoother and enjoyable one.

Start with a check on the tie rod ends – Ensure that the tie rods are at proper place and also check the new rack for tie rod end. Make sure that the length of new assembly is same as the dimensions of the old measurements. Now twist the tie rods on the threads.

The rack should in center – While twisting the tie rods on the threads, you should be careful that the rack is in center. When you are doing so, ensure that the steering wheel is not detached from its position that is the center.

Check the length of the tie rod ends – The new rack should be checked properly for tie rod ends. The length of new tie rod & rack should be the same as old one.

Change the rack –
If you need to change the rack and install a new one, you can do so in the same manner as you did while removing the old rack.

Connect the power steering – The next step is to connect the power steering. 'O' rings are used to connect the power steering. You should be careful while choosing 'O' ring.

Relocation of Shaft Coupler – After the power steering, its time to relocate the steering shaft coupler.

Now that you have fixed the problem and repaired your vehicle's steering, you can definitely go for a long drive. You can feel the change while driving – the drive is smoother and definitely safer now!


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