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रविवार, नवंबर 16, 2008

Top Ten Sites For Integrating YouTube Videos in Blog or Sites

How to add YouTube Video Image to Blog post ? List of Sites providing Integrating YouTube Images on Blogs or Sites.

YouTube badge maker - will show your viewers images of your 6 most recently uploaded videos.

YouTube Wordpress Plugin - Display YouTube videos on your Wordpress blog according to Tags.

YouTube Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin - displays a gallery of videos from youtube.com.

WordPress Related Videos Plugin - Uses tags to look for related videos on YouTube, displays the three most recent related videos on your WordPress blog post and updates videos automatically.

Wordpress Favourite YouTube Videos - Wordpress plugin / widget to display, in a very configurable manner, your latest favorite videos from Youtube.

Viper’s Video Quicktags - WP plugin that easily generates codes for copy / pasting to embed videos from sites like YouTube and Google Video or for self-hosted videos into your posts.

WP-FLV - Wordpress plugin simplfies the process of inserting flash video files (FLV) inside a Wordpress post or page.

TubePress - a highly configurable WordPress plugin that displays YouTube videos in an embedded gallery in posts and/or pages.

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