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गुरुवार, जून 28, 2018

Mumbai: The Chartered Plane dropped on the passenger

A chartered plane crashed on Thursday afternoon in Sarvodaya Nagar, the residential area of Maharashtra's capital Mumbai. It is said that 5 people have died in this accident. One of them is said to be a passerby, who was caught in the fall of the plane...These aircraft have crashed in Sarvodaya Nagar area of Ghatkopar in Mumbai. Four people were in the plane. Five people have died in this accident. The dead included a pilot, 3 passenger and a passer-by....The fire brigade has reached the spot. According to sources, this aircraft was sold to the 2014 UP government by a private company UI Aviation Pvt. Earlier it was reported that this plane was of the Uttar Pradesh government but later the government came to the statement that this government is not of the UPA government.

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