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गुरुवार, जून 28, 2018

Galaxy Note Will 9 LAUNCH 9 AUGUST

South Korean Technology Company Samsung Electronics is organizing an event on 9th August. This will be the company's next unpacked event and this event is known for Samsung's flagship products. The company has started sending invoices. The company has not said which smartphone will be launched on this day, but it is clear that the company will launch the Galaxy Note 9.....Samsung has also posted a teaser that looks like S-Pen. Let us know that the feature of the Galaxy Note series is S-Pen and this is what the company wants to highlight.....According to a Bloomberg report, this flagship smartphone recently got certification from the FCC. It was also reported that Galaxy Note 9 could be launched in early August, as on August 23, Galaxy Note 8 was also launched....This time, a new color variant can also come which will be yellow. Only the device can be seen in the teaser.

                                                           9 अगस्त को आ रहा है Galaxy Note 9       

Fingerprint scanner can be given in the Galaxy Note 9 display itself. However, Vivo has done this great before and has given similar technology in its smartphone X20 Plus UD. After this there was a report that said that Galaxy Note 9 will also be given a rear fingerprint scanner similar to the previous model....The alleged picture of Galaxy Note 9 has come up in the latest leak, which makes it feel that the company will not make much changes in its design.

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