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गुरुवार, जून 28, 2018

FIFA World Cup: For the first time in 80 years Germany saw 'worst day'

The current champion Germany's team was out in Russia, the FIFA World Cup-2012. Germany defeated South Korea by 0-2 in their final group match on Wednesday. Along with this, he got out in the first round of the World Cup for the first time in 80 years.


Statistics show that on June 9, 1938, Germany's team was disbanded in the first round of the FIFA World Cup. That is, 80 years and 18 days later, Germany again saw the 'worst' day. Actually, like the World Cup in 1934, they were played in the knockout format even against the 1938 World Cup. And the first round of this world was of 'Round of -16'. The German team did not reach the next stage (final eight) in the World Cup played in France, defeating Switzerland by 2-4 in 'again' match....This match was played again because, on June 4, 1938, after the extra time, Germany-Switzerland match was 1-1. Talk about the group stage, Germany's team failed to cross the bar of the World Cup group stage for the first time.It is worth noting that the first World Cup played in 1930 was played in the format of the group stage. Germany did not join this World Cup.After this, the knockout format was adopted in the 1934 and 1938 World Cup. In the 1950 the format of the group stage was reinstated, though Germany was restricted from that World Cup (1950).....Germany's team has been consistently playing World Cup since 1954. And in 2018, that group did not succeed in crossing the stage.....

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