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गुरुवार, जून 28, 2018

Apple and Samsung's patent dispute were finally resolved

Apple and Samsung's patent dispute has finally been settled for seven years. Apple has been accused that Samsung Electronics has copied the design of the iPhone and due to this, Samsung has to pay money as a penalty....Although this patent dispute of Apple and Samsung has been settled on which term it is not clear yet. Significantly, the term of settlement was done in the American District Court for the Northern District of California....Let's tell you that the patent war of this patent for copying the iPhone's design began in 2011. In the beginning, the court asked Apple to pay a fine of $ 1 billion from Samsung, in relation to the verdict. However this case did not end here....Actually Apple has been charged that Samsung has stolen Apple's Basic Function. For example, tap to zoom, home screen app grid and layout. The real issue was that Samsung has gained popularity in the early days by copying Apple's design and user interface, and this is Apple's charge. Interestingly, the jury also believed that Samsung did this, that is, Apple's allegation is correct.....Recently, Samsung was given $ 539 million to settle the issue. After this Samsung again appealed. But both the companies have already reached this agreement before the next hearing that it is time to end this matter now.....Apple has not told the media about the terms which have been set to settle this case. Although Apple has said that the company is serious about designing and this case is always more than money. In this case no statement has been received from Samsung.

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After the defeat in a trial at the end of 2016, Samsung Electronics had appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and the court did not dismiss Samsung's plea in which Samsung said that the person who violated the patent had earned all the money earned from stolen design Should not be given, because that was only a part of that design....The advantage of this patent is believed to be Apple's apple. But it would be interesting to see who are the terms on which the two companies have decided to pause this patent battle.

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