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गुरुवार, मई 17, 2018

Karnataka: Yes, Yeddyurappa will fulfill his 5-year term as CM

Karnataka's new Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said today that he has "100 percent trust" of winning the trust vote in the assembly and completing a five-year tenure. He called the Congress-JD (S) alliance "unholy" and alleged that people have rejected them completely, but in spite of this they are trying to grab power. Yeddyurappa said, "I believe in winning the confidence vote and completing five years of my government. Yeddyurappa addressed the first press conference immediately after taking oath after the rare legal battle last night in the Supreme Court. Congress- JD (S) had approached the Supreme Court to stop the formation of the government.

                                                           BS Yeddyurappa
Yeddyurappa appealed to all the MLAs to vote for their "discretion and to maintain mandate". He said, "I believe 100 percent success. I have people's support for me and my party. There is a challenge to present support for 112 legislators in front of Yeddyurappa. BJP emerged as the largest party by winning 104 seats in the May 12 elections. However, no party got clear majority in the elections.

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