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शनिवार, मई 19, 2018

BSNL launches 'Tsunami Offer'

While staging private companies like Geo and Airtel, the government telecom company BSNL has launched a new data tsunami offer. The company is giving 1.5GB of data daily to customers in this plan. These data will be given to customers for 26 days. The company has priced this plan 98 rupees. The special thing is that all customers of BSNL can benefit from this offer.

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However, 3G speeds are provided by BSNL to all the locations except Kerala, while Geo and Airtel provide 4G speeds. BSNL provides data at Rs. 2.51 per GB in its 98 rupee pack. Which is less than Rs 3.5 per GB in Geo's 149 plan. This plan is given 1.5GB of data per day for 28 days.

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