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रविवार, अप्रैल 29, 2018

Are you ready to take part in the Swachh Bharat Summer internship?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today lauded the better performance of Indian players in the Commonwealth Games while addressing the countrymen through his program 'Man Ki Baat'...He said, "Our players have done the best by fulfilling the expectations of the countrymen and went on winning one medal after each other." The PM said, 'This success gives pride to every Indian. It is a matter of pride and happiness for the players to win a medal. It is a very glorious festival for all the countrymen, for all the citizens. '.....PM Modi said that the Ministry of Indian Government is running internships programs for students together. The name of this program is 'Swachha Bharat Summer Internship', where students will be invited. PM Modi said that students who are doing good work in this program related to Clean India will be rewarded nationally and certificates will also be given....PM Modi said, 'The holy month of Ramadan is starting in a few days. The month of Ramadan is celebrated throughout the world with full reverence and respect. Roses are kept in Ramzan and its social aspect is that when a person is hungry himself, then he realizes the hunger of another..PM Modi also mentioned the message of Pangbar Mohammad Sahib. They said, 'This is an opportunity to remember the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad Sahib and his message. It is our responsibility to walk on the path of equality and brotherhood from their life....

                                                 'मन की बात'

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